9th July, 10th July, 11th July:

Adults and children of all ages are invited to try their hand at archery here at our Archery GB Registered Club over the weekend 9th - 11th July 2021.  This fun and inclusive sport is perfect for anyone wanting to try something new - on their own or with their family and friends - even those who have never picked up a bow before will be able to enjoy the feeling of achievement as an arrow hits the target!

The Big Weekend sees archery clubs across the country open their doors to potential archers, welcoming them to try out the sport for the first time. This year, celebrating what is set to be a fantastic summer of Olympic and Paralympic sport, there are archery clubs right across Great Britain and Northern Ireland taking part in the Big Weekend.  We are one of the few in the South West participating in the event.

If you come across our site and are not in the area then do please look up Archery GB website and search for clubs in your area where you can participate.

We will be looking to provide:

  • Target Archery
  • Clout Shoot (with Flu Flu arrows)
  • Archery Golf (Flu Flu arrows)

We will also have a BBQ going.

Members of the club will be on hand and providing all the tuition required to help you get some fun filled minutes enjoying this sport.


Inaugural Club night - As we develop the club we are please to offer Members and Associates/Affiliate members the chance to get together and shoot from 19:00 - to 21:00 starting Thursday 6th May.

The Booking system will be suspended for this period and we will take a registration of those attending to comply with track and trace for the moment.

There is no shooting fee! - and this will last until membership renewal at the end of September.

We will look to increase the club night to a 2nd night (probably Tuesday) depending on take-up.

This is a great chance to get you all out together and hopefully looking to participate in competitions such as the summer postal league and the DCAS recently posted virtual competition.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to make contact - we are seeing a genuine increase in membership applications and also new beginners courses.


We are collecting details for anyone interested in our new Beginners Course due to start Sunday 2nd May at 10:00.  Do feel free to enquire and find out more if you can’t find all the details on our website.

Courses run over 5 weeks and we hope this year will be without interruption.

We have interest from a number of enquiries and so still have places available.

Please send email to: or or feel free to give us a call.

We will be running further courses, so if this one doesn’t fit with your time-scales please contact us to discuss other options and other upcoming course dates.


Booking System Updated ...With Summer Approaching we have updated the booking system to reflect lighter evenings.

There are still 3 slots/day (for the moment) however for those who wish to shoot in the evening it’s now possible to book from 18:00 to 20:00.  Still not light enough yet I’m afraid to extend later -but won’t be too much longer now.


11th April - 10:00 sees the resumption of our existing yet to be completed Beginners Course.

We look forward to advertising new courses and already have some candidates who have expressed interest.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact and express an interest or call just to find out more.

Remember, doing a course here does not tie you to this club - of course we would wish to see you join but as Archery is an inclusive sport and all clubs support each other we are happy to recommend other clubs which may be more local to you.  Completing a course however will entitle you to visit/join another Arhery GB club, and sadly not many are currently offering courses.


We have been using ‘Timify’ for our booking system for the last year.

We have now decided to use an alternative tool and trust you find it as easy to use - from an administration perspective the new tool is decidedly easier.

The reservation system is a legal requirement and is open for Club Members and AGB insured Guest members to use.

If in any doubt or there are concerns or issues then please do not hesitate to make contact.

Please note whilst a booking for a Boss can be made by a single person registering their details, if the Boss is to be ‘shared’ with a family member (e.g. child) then the details of all shooters needs to e provided and can be entered into the ‘Description box’

Guest shooters must provide their AGB membership numer and verify this with their AGB Membership card when arriving to shoot.  No card = no-shoot (sorry)


From March 29th - we are allowed to re-open our outdoor range.  We are delighted - however we will not re-open until Tuesday 30th March.   Please ensure the booking system is used.

Archery GB has published the following:

“Archery is set to return outdoors in England from 29 March, with roadmaps out of lockdown for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also in place. At the bottom of this page you will find guidance for clubs and archers to download on the return to archery. AGB has also included useful links on support for clubs and exemptions for elite and disabled archers during the current lockdown.”

Archery GB guidance docs are accessible here

Additional info relating to resumption and completion of beginners classes will be published tomorrow.  


March 29th looks like we will be able to resume Outdoors for members.  More updates to come as we know it and more will be published as soon as further guidance provided.  The booking system is available now from 29th March for 1 week with 3 sessions/day made available.

News on completion of Beginners Courses started and yet to be completed due to lockdown will be communicated shortly.

We will be running a number of Beginners Courses as lockdown eases and would encourage prospective archers to make enquiries as we are sure courses will be filled quickly.

Look out for news on Archery GB Big Weekend 14th May and further guidance as known.

Access for Guest members will follow shortly and all will be welcome especially for those with continuing difficulty accessing their own facilities.   

Club Secretaries please get in contact if we can help.


It would appear the New Year has started with a ‘bang’ - not the greatest parlance for our ‘silent’ sport.

We took the decision to shut the club including outdoor shooting early - 24th December! - convinced that the mutant strain of Covid being far more virulent posed too great a risk to all involved including ourselves and it would appear that has borne to have been the correct decision.

We have also reviewed both the Government guidance and what AGB has published, and find AGB’s guidance to be slightly at odds to the Governments - notably that disabled archers may continue in sport.  Having reviewed this and taking the precedence of ‘stay at home’, regrettably we are continuing with the range remaining closed, understanding that this will be a bitter blow to those who on first glance may still have been able to shoot.

With best wishes to all, whether members, associate members, guest shooters, and especially those whose beginners courses have been interrupted, we trust that all remain safe and well and look forward to being able to provide more positive news, even if just restricted archery, at some point in the near future.

Government Guidance:

“Sports and physical activity

Indoor gyms and sports facilities will remain closed. Outdoor sports courts, outdoor gyms, golf courses, outdoor swimming pools, archery/driving/shooting ranges and riding arenas must also close. Organised outdoor sport for disabled people is allowed to continue.”

Archery GB Guidance:

“As everyone in England is asked to stay at home, both indoor and outdoor ranges must close until 15 February when the government will review the current lockdown. We are pleased to see that an exemption applies for disabled archers of all ages and volunteers who support them. We will be issuing guidance on supporting disabled archers soon.”


With the deepest of regrets due to Government guidelines and Tier Enforcement athough we remain in Tier 2 - with the developments taking place across the country we have decided in the best interests of everyone from Saturday we are unable to provide facilities to shoot and regrettably that means that our Club Cloud Shoot we had intended for New Years Day is currently also POSTPONED. (though stay tuned if things change!!!)

Stay safe everyone and I’m sure at some point there will be some normality and we can continue with our Beginners Courses and Club events.

Happy Christmas to all and the best for a better 2021.




2021's Big Weekend will be bigger and better than ever, with a whole week - not just the weekend - of events planned at clubs and other places, up and down the nation.  The fun will  begin on 8 May, culminating in the Big Weekend from 14-16 May, when AGB will be calling on clubs to welcome newcomers and get more people into archery.  The Big Weekend is a great way to sign people up to beginner's courses and grow the archery community.


Resumption of Beginners Course..... with the news that outdoor archery can resume including coaching, we are delighted to confirm a resumption of the Beginners Course started in October.  In addition we have 3 new attendees and we look forward to welcoming them.  Start time is 13:00 Sunday 6th December.



updated 01/12/2020

Shooting resumption.....(Yipee!!!!!!)

Secretaries received an update advising of details relating to a return to archery from the 2nd December with an update expected 30th November - at the time of writing (30/11/2020 22:00) none had been received and having received numerous phone-calls and enquiries TVA is providing the following which we hope will be helpfull:

  • Outdoor Archery will resume in accordance with Government Guidance relating to our Tier2 status in Devon.
  • The booking system will remain in operation and as per original requirements.
  • Outdoor Archery will resume as per rules prior to the lockdown on 5th November 2020.  Details as received via AGB addressed to Club Secretaries (27/11/2020) can be viewed here
  • AGB has published updated documents (V4 dated 27/11/2020) available here
  • AGB has published the webinar held 01/12/2020 for club officials providing supporting guidance and discussion relating to their guidance and that of the Government  to clubs on it's youtube channel - accessible here
  • (DCMS) has published "grassroots sports guidance for the public and sport providers" - accessible here


Please note changes to on-the-night shooting fees.

Members are £1/session, Associates are £3/session, Guest shooters are £5/session.  All sessions max 2 hours.  The booking system is only able to show a fee now modified to show the fee for Guest shooters.


With the nights drawing in and daylight failing, the evening slot from 7pm to 9pm has been modified to start at 6:15pm until 8pm.  As nights continue to draw in the evening slot will continue to be reduced - the Booking system will show what times are available.


AGB have published an update as a result of the government yesterday announcing some changes to the rules around social gatherings, with the number of people allowed to meet reduced to six in England from Monday 14 September. Read here.


GWAS have advised of a revised WA 1440 shoot to conform with latest AGB guidance as a WA 720 round.  Find here the entry form for the Battle of Britain shoot at Burnham, Somerset on Sun. 13th September.


Since the GWAS Intercounties cannot happen in person this year a virtual event is taking place,  GWAS is asking clubs to encourage as many of its members as possible to take part. Please click here to see about how to enter and submit scores. The event starts today and runs throughout September


New Beginners Course to commence 30th August 2020.  To express interest and reserve a place on the course please email us and subject to availability we will be delighted to confirm a place for you.


Returning to archery – Phase 2 Restricted Shooting guidance published.


We know some local clubs have difficulty shooting at their ranges. We are able to offer Guest shooting to local clubs - email to find out more if needed.


Paypal account setup for ease of of payment for courses etc.

Simply send to ""


From 10th July we are able to offer juniors (primary school age) with the opportunity to 'have-a-go at archery with our soft tipped archery equipment specifically designed for use in schools.  This is a geat way of introducing the sport to the younger athletes.  This is available at present to those visiting as guests on our campsite. Please enquire if you are interested in introducing this to your local school or other local event.


We are excited - up to Quicks (Honiton) Friday to collect one new boss :-(  (All they had in stock!)  and another 2 more on order.  so we start the upgrade and replacement of the gratefully received Straw bosses with new 130cm Foam targets - Yipee (Gosh that hurt my pocket!)  More to come and we will continue to replace and upgrade as we can.


Our coach now has in dependant coaching insurance - providing for enhanced and additional services both on site and remotely.


Return to archery - Range established wrt AGB guidelines - Had 3 archers spending the day here from local club.  Shooting at 70m, 60m 50m, 40m, and 30m.


Return to coaching - resurrection of beginner's classes that were postponed in March.  !st student back this morning.


Introduction of on-line booking system for reserving outdoor boss, and preserving social distancing.


So with a heavy heart we have had to postpone our existing Beginners Courses and delay the scheduling of another 2.  Watch the site and this news area for details of re-scheuled courses when we are allowed to re-open.


Tamar Valley Archers is signed up to easyfundraising.  Help us to invest in facilities by donating as you shop.


New Club Tamar Valley Archers to start March 2020

Registration for Beginners Courses now open

If you are new to the sport please do not buy equipment before the course.  Should you choose to join the club after the coarse you will be able to use the club equipment whilst you continue to develop and get advice from the coaches about the most suitable equipment to consider.