Booking System (AGB Members):

Adults (2 hours):

Club members: £1,

Associates £3,

Guests £5.00

Juniors (2 hours) - (min age 9)  (Please note ALL children must be accompanied by an adult)

Club memers: £1,

Associates £1.50,

Guests £2.00

All archers must present a valid AGB Membership card/e-card before shooting - no verified id, no shoot

Non-AGB members please make contact if you are interested in getting into Archery and to find out what we can offer

The following relates to guidance received from AGB (13/05/2020) which we have enhanced.

We will provide (up to regulations permitting):

Please note Variable lanes will be moved to suit archers request prior to arrival.  Should an archer wish to have their boss moved to a different distance there will be a fee of £1/move.  Movement of the boss will be facilitated by the Field Captain.

Please note:

What3words:  ///stint.language.onlookers

We hope the above guidance will assist with allowing archers to enjoy their sport.  Anyone not adhering to the above will be asked to leave and not allowed to book again.

AGB documents and guidance can be seen here:

AGB site:

To assist, AGB published documents can be viewed by clicking on image above and links below.

Range Layout


(updated 9th July)


(updated 3rd Dec V4.01)


(updated 3rd V4.01)


(updated 3rd Dec V4.01)


(updated 27th Nov V4.0)


(updated 20th Dec) Coronavirus (COVID-19): grassroots sports guidance for the public and sport providers

(published 1st Dec)