We cater for all ages though we do have to have a minimum age which relates to ensuring we have suitable equipment, therefore minimum age is 9 years old.

Before you join any archery club you will need to complete a beginners’ course, which will introduce you to the sport and teach you how to shoot safely.

We take any participants from any age, however, we find that under 9’s generally do not have the required strength to successfully hold and shoot a bow.  Please note that under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult to all sessions. (We often find that accompanying adults are desperate to join in once they see what it’s all about, so please consider signing up for a course from the beginning as we may not be able to squeeze you in later!)

Once you have completed your course you will be issued with a certificate confirming you have undertaken a course supporting independent shooting.  You will be able to confidently apply to join any Archery GB registered club and shoot using their facilities……(we hope you will consider joining us however location etc may mean needing to find somewhere more local).  You may also wish to take your time before purchasing your first bow, seeing what other club members are using as you develop your understanding of the variety of equipment available.  We offer continued use of the equipment you have trained with for up to 2 months for a small fee.

The course consists of 5 sessions each of two hours.

Course Outcome:

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We shoot on the grounds of the campsite (Tamar Valley Camping) so why not consider visiting, staying here with your caravan, in a Pod, Holiday Cottage, or Apartment, exploring the area and giving archery a go.  

(For those staying several days we may even be able to provide a bespoke beginners course for the family) - please feel free to enquire.

If you are new to the sport please do not buy equipment before the course.  Should you choose to join the club after the coarse you will be able to use the club equipment whilst you continue to develop and get advice from the coaches about the most suitable equipment to consider.

Beginners Classes

(Prices may change during Covid period due to restrictions on number of candidates allowed to coach)

Single Person booking : £60 for 5 week course (including use of equipment)

Family booking: £60 for the first person, and then £40 for any other family member.

Juniors (under 16) : £40

Post course rental of equipment for up to 2 months: £3/session

(Please note ALL children (min age 9) must be accompanied by a responsible adult