Quicks is one of the best known archery companies in the UK, run by Archers, and we want you to enjoy shopping with us. We retail archery equipment, parts, kits, books, accessories, gifts and everything else our archery customers want to use. Quicks sells archery kit to all levels of archer, from beginner to advanced archers and Olympians, and for all types of archery, such as field or target, as well as archery kits for children learning at school age. We also supply a lot of archery kits for clubs, hotels and leisure activities.

Quicks works with international archery manufacturers and distributors, ensuring the right products at the right prices for our customers. Quicks is also a manufacturer of archery goods, using the knowledge gained by staff to produce highest quality equipment.

We have large stocks of Bows, Arrows and Accessories of all sorts ready to supply our customers.

Quicks staff aim to give a fast, reliable and informed service at all our three Pro Shops. We take orders Online, over Telephone and by Fax.

History of Quicks

Quicks the Archery Specialist was started in 1949 as part of a sports business; the founder David George Quick then set up on his own in 1959. He travelled around the UK with the founder of Egertons (the Target Makers) visiting sports clubs of many of the UK industrial companies. D.G. Quick helped set up a large number of works clubs and grew the sport of archery in the UK in its early days. The company of Quicks has tried to continue this approach to building the sport over the years.

Quicks' Catalogue "The Bowman's Guide"

Quicks has produced a Bowman's Guide every year from 1959 up until 2015-16, showing a wide range of equipment for Target, Field and Longbow archery. The Guide grew over the years to a 100 page full colour A4  catalogue which was posted to customers all around the world. From 2017 due to the fast changing nature of modern archery equipment, an annual printed catalogue is no longer viable and so the Quicks online webshop will replace future catalogues. If there is anything you would like to see brought online that you miss from the printed version then please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.