New Booking Tool

We have been using ‘Timify’ for our booking system for the last year.

We have now decided to use an alternative tool and trust you find it as easy to use - from an administration perspective the new tool is decidedly easier.

The reservation system is a legal requirement and is open for Club Members and AGB insured Guest members to use.

If in any doubt or there are concerns or issues then please do not hesitate to make contact.

Please note whilst a booking for a Boss can be made by a single person registering their details, if the Boss is to be ‘shared’ with a family member (e.g. child) then the details of all shooters needs to e provided and can be entered into the ‘Description box’

Guest shooters must provide their AGB membership number and verify this with their AGB Membership card when arriving to shoot.  No card = no-shoot (sorry)